Nestled along the banks of the Delaware River, in the historic Gem building, the Sunbeam General Store has been the sight of Frenchtown's mercantiles since 1889. Today, Sunbeam peddles a variety of products to delight children of all ages. These include: river supplies, local organic jams, sauces, and snacks, healthful hydrations, classic toys, fishing gear, gardening tools, soaps, and jewelry. Additionally, Sunbeam hosts nature walks, river tours, live music, and cultural and intellectual gatherings.



Mission Statement:


The mission of the Sunbeam General Store (SGS) is to build “community” among all who live here and all those who are passing through. We accomplish this by providing a planet-friendly place where children of all ages can gather, play, learn, have their spirits lifted, and appreciate the value of simple, natural lifestyles. We achieve this by offering a wide variety of goods and services—from the practical to the playful—and hosting educational and entertaining events.


Vision Statement:


The Sunbeam General Store is the hub of a vibrant model community in which people of all ages work locally to create a world that is safe, healthy, and joyful.




Do unto those downriver, as you would have those upriver do unto you.
— WB